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Prairie Skies Plumbing

Our story

Plumbing services 

We respect your space and your

need to feel safe within it. We’re all inclusive and welcome everyone.

Hey! I’m Angie!  (she/her)

I’m a prairie kid through and through. After completing a business degree in university, I spent about a decade travelling. While in Halifax I was super fortunate to get to take part in a fabulous women in the trades program, Women Unlimited! 

Upon completion of the program I chose to pursue plumbing as it allowed for a diverse options of work within it. I decided to move back home to Regina and pursue the many opportunities to get into the trades at that time.  

My first years on the job were spent in new construction, where I was able to learn everything plumbing-related that goes into a new build. Seeing as I love people, their pets, and problem solving, I decided to move into service plumbing. 

I completed my plumbing red seal and gas training through Saskatchewan Polytechnic. My blue seal was achieved by completing the smartSTART program at the Praxis School of Entrepreneurship in Saskatoon.

I believe very strongly that homeowners should feel a sense of comfort not stress when a service technician is working in their home. This will be a safe space. I strive to offer clear and concise information and education. Once repairs are complete, if there are tips and tricks that will help eliminate the problem in the future, I will always share those with you.

I do not plan on being a one-stop shop. I strive to surround myself with excellent, hardworking, trustworthy people that I feel confident in recommending to homeowners to ensure that all their needs are met.


This new adventure has been great so far! 

I look forward to working with you!

Angie S

Red Seal Plumber

Licensed Gas Fitter

Blue Seal Tradesperson

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